If you came to this corner of the infinite web world, you are probably looking for advices to travel or information about a destination and probably you will find it. But in addition, you are going to find other kind of things that can go beyond a trip, an adventure or a vacation. Now I’ll explain.

‘Bolivianos, el hado propicio’ is exactly the first sentence of the national anthem of Bolivia that was first sung in November of 1845, and it is the same today. But not everyone really knows the meaning of this sentence. The meaning is so nice and we have it in front of our eyes, as well as the wonderful Paradise this country is and are  really few those who really appreciate it.

Without further turning,‘Hado’ is a divine force, it is a series of events that are united to each other to arrive at something and ‘Propicio’ is the right, opportune or favorable. Therefore, the Hado Propicio is and I hope in each publication reflects it, a favorable force for us to connect with each other, with communities, languages, dances, music, sounds, landscapes, cultures, games, traditions, rituals and an infinity of elements that makes us the civilization of human beings.

Would be perfect that there were no borders, but there are … and one of them gave me the Bolivian passport, so this journey without return, takes the bolivian culture to internationalize it so we can feel more closet to it, as ambassadors of one of the richest and most biodiverse countries, but with the population with lowest self-esteem.

Years of traveling and talking about Bolivian culture have taught me that the perception of the foreigner can be so null to us that it is possible to build a better picture of what we are when we know where we come from and because of that, we can build a better country, being inside and outside the country.

That’s why I invite you to ride this bus, this truck, plane, pontoon, train, boat, bike, motorcycle or whatever disconnects you from your usual world so we can discover the immensity of this world and together we can live the more posible number of destinations, that lead us together to find….El Hado Propicio.